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Hula Dance Basics - Learn to Hula!

The Kaholo Step

Stand tall, feet together, toes forward, keep your knees slightly bent. Raise your heel and balance your weight on the balls of your feet.

1. Vamp to the right:

With your right foot, step sideways
Move your left foot to meet your right foot
Again, step sideways with your right foot
and bring your left foot over.

2. Vamp to the left:

Step sideways with your left foot and then bring your right foot over
Again, step sideways with your left and bring your right foot over.

Repeat number 1 - Two steps to the right
Repeat number 2 - Two steps left

Continue repeating steps 1 and then 2 -
Two steps right, Two steps left, Two steps right, Two steps left...
And so on - repeating through the entire song.

The Ka-o Step or "Sway Step"

Stand as you did for the Kaholo step - toes forward, knees relaxed

1. Step sideways to the right - feet should be shoulder width apart
Move your left foot to the right, bringing your heel up and pointing your toes a little to the left (45 degree angle from the toes of your right foot) as you step. Touch your right ankle with your left heel.

2. Repeat step - this time to the left:

Side-step left with your left, bring right foot over, lifting your heel up to touch your left ankle, making sure the toes of your right foot are at a 45 degree angle to the toes of your left.

The Ami Step with Hands

Same start position as the steps above:

Bring your arms up and over your head to make a "U" in the air. Make sure your palms are facing each other and your elbows are bent slightly.

Counting 1, 2, 3, 4:
1. Keeping your arms raised, rotate your hips clockwise. Keep your feet on the ground.
2. Rotate your hips clockwise again; bring your arms down to shoulder height, palms up.
3. Rotate hips clockwise; Bring your arms down, elbows bent and facing back, hold hands in front of you with palms facing down.
4. Rotate hips clockwise; bringing hands down to your sides, elbows bent slightly with palms down.

The Hula Hand Motions

1. Raise your arms to the sides - like a "T", palms down.
2. Bend your left arm in so your fingertips are in front of your breastbone, pointing your fingers to the right without touching your body.

In one motion, move your left arm back out to the side and repeat step 2 with your right arm - fingers pointing the left.

The Coconut Tree Motion

1. Start with your arms out in front at shoulder height.
2. Bend your left elbow in, bringing your hand toward your body. Touch your right elbow with the fingers of your left hand. This looks like a "P".
3. From this position, bend your right elbow, raising the lower part of your arm up, with fingers pointing upward and palm facing left. This will make an "L".
4. Keeping your right arm straight, bend it to the left, swaying your right hand to the left until it is almost at 45 degrees.

5. Bring your right arm back up to the upright position.

Repeat the motions, this time with your left arm.


Combine basic Kaholo steps with the Hula hand motions - moving your arms as you perform each step.

Combine Ka'o steps with the Coconut tree motions.

Here's a cool video that shows you a different take on this style of Hula that may help you in your practice...


by Hula Jack -


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