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Hula Dance Hand Motions And Gestures

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Learn Some Hula Dance Hand Motions And Gestures

When you really want to learn how to do the hula, there are many ways that you can learn. There are so many steps that you can learn and learning the hand motions is actually pretty easy. For the Ami step, for instance, you do the hula and then put your arms over your head in a downward motion.

hula dance hand motions and gestures

Your arms should really just form the letter U. Then you can put your hands together with your elbows bent some. You will then bring your arms down so that your hands are at shoulder length. Then you will move your hands to the waist level with palms facing down. Then you put your hands down to your side with your palm facing down and your elbow bent a little bit. When you do this with the regular movements, the dance looks beautiful.

To do the regular hula motion, you will need to put your arms out to your side around your shoulder with your palms facing down. Your left arm should be bent half way in order for your fingers to be directly in front of your chest. Then your left hand should be just in front of you with the tips of your left fingertips pointing toward the right.

Then you reverse your arms by putting your left arm straight out to your side with your hands facing down and your right arm bent and fingers at your chest. Your right fingertips will be pointing to the left. This is the basic hula movement. Another popular hand motion for the hula is the coconut tree right side motion.

With this dance, you start with your arms at your shoulder stretched out in front of you and then bend your left elbow and bring your hand to your body so that your lower arm is the same direction to your upper arm. Your fingers on your left hand should be touching the elbow of your right arm. Then you will bend your right elbow and lower your left arm so that your fingers are pointing to your right and your left arm forms the letter P.

Your right hand needs to be facing left. Then bend your right elbow and move your right lower arm where your fingers are pointing up and your right and left arm forms an L. Then you sway your right hand to the left until it is at a 45 degree angle.

These are just a few hula hand movements, but if you are just starting out, these are the best ones to learn. You will have a lot of fun and get some great exercise. Hula dancing is very beautiful and sensual and if you know how to do it, then you will have a skill that you can use as an exercise for years to come. It is to show off to family and friends or even teach your own children. 


by Hula Jack -

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