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hula dance

The Best Hula Dance Videos

Hula dances are exceptionally fun activities that anyone can enjoy. Hula dancing is one of the most ancient dances that originated in Hawaii, and is believed to be the one that unifies the spirit of the universe with the spirit of nature into a person’s body. Hula dances are also a fun mode of entertainment that you would want to see in person once you have set foot in the Hawaiian Islands.

hula dance

If you don’t know the basics of the hula dance steps, you can find several hula dance videos in YouTube which can help and tutor you. These hula dance videos are exceptional and showcase the art of hula dancing. Below are the top five hula dance videos that are sure to guide you into the world of hula dancing, and will show you the real art of hula dances:

How To Hula Dance Video By The Howcast Chanel

The How to Hula Dance video is a step by step tutorial of the basics of hula dancing. If you are just starting to learn the art, then this is the best video to start with. The video is divided into 6-segment steps that will teach you the basic kaholo dance. For a little over a 90 second duration, this hula dance video is able to demonstrate the basic steps in hula dancing.

The How To Video Of The Lilo And Stitch Hula Dance

This how to video can be found in the channel of webspice in Youtube. This is basically an interview with Hawaiian composer Mark Ho’omalu, where he tells the viewers about the basic steps in the Lilo and Stitch hula dance. One of the highlights of this video is the the spiel of Mr. Ho’omalu wherein he says that hula dancing is free for all - regardless of weight and age. He tells the four basic steps to the Lilo and Stitch dance which is the kaholo, ka’o, hela, and uehe.

Hula Dance Video Of Sonny Ching Kumu Hula

This video shows Sonny Ching with a backdrop of about 10 girls performing the hula dances as Sonny Ching sings the Ahi Lonomakua. The video itself is very beautiful, as you will be able to see the hula dance being performed in a more spiritual light. The voice that sings the dances is very throaty, giving the video a nostalgic appeal.

Timon And Pumba Hula Dance Video

Who can forget these lovable characters from the all time classic animated movie The Lion King? In the movie, Timon and Pumba has a scene wherein they dance the hula in front of the hyenas. This is an amusing and very entertaining scene which added to the overall charm of the movie.

Lilo and Stitch Hula Dance Video

The Disney animators must have a fondness for the hula dances as they incorporate another hula dancing scene in one of their blockbuster movies. Set in Hawaii, there is an opening scene wherein several dancers dance the hula in an original score which added to the appeal of the movie.


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